Horticultural and Nature-Based Therapies - Education and Training

Ann Kent's popular Horticultural Therapy and Therapeutic Horticulture courses and seasonal workshops are based on central Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

Serene nature trails; a contemplative stroll garden; large vegetable, flower, and herb gardens; and indoor and outdoor activity spaces, support an engaging study program set in a beautiful coastal forest.

Four HT Certificate courses are offered over a period of one year. Each course comprises independent study units followed by on-site sessions, with a schedule that accommodates those working full-time or part-time. These courses have been approved toward professional registration with the Canadian Horticultural Therapy Association.

For a concise summary of courses, please view the downloadable 2024-25 pdf. For more information and answers to frequent questions, please check out the HT Certificate page.

To learn more about Horticultural Therapy (HT), Therapeutic Horticulture (TH), or nature-based therapies, please explore the informative sites on the Resources page.

HT and TH Professional Development Program

This continuing education program provides training in TH, HT, and horticulture via seasonal workshops and short courses. Bespoke training is available to small groups from education, healthcare, and community agencies and is a popular choice for organizations planning new therapeutic horticulture or community gardening programs.

Ann is enthusiastic about her life-long work in horticulture and enjoys helping people build confidence in their gardening skills. To request a quarterly newsletter with information about upcoming courses and workshops, please contact Ann.

Nature heals, in gardens or natural landscapes, an important theme in Ann's teaching.

Ann Kent, your Catkin Gardens HTC Instructor

About Ann Kent, BA DipEd HTR HTM

A popular instructor, Ann has taught continuing education programs in TH, HT, horticulture, garden design, and nature interpretation for institutions such as Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Vancouver Island University, and the Vancouver Board of Parks.

Ann is a Registered Horticultural Therapist (HTR) and holds a Master level designation (HTM) awarded by the AHTA. She is a member of the Canadian Horticultural Therapy Association (CHTA) and American Horticultural Therapy Association (AHTA).

Ann is active in several associations affiliated with Nature BC and the BC Council of Garden Clubs and enjoys exploring forests, estuaries, and beaches on Vancouver Island.